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Sunday Message from Fr. Kramer - May 2, 2021

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

We are meant to be connected to the vine, to Jesus. Here in Tuscany, I’m sure you have seen many olive trees that have been pruned. What happens to the olive branches that are cut off? They wither and die over time. What happens to the olive branches that remain connected to the tree? They flourish, produce great olives, and excellent olive oil. In a similar way, we are called to be connected to Jesus. If we are connected to the vine, Jesus, we too will flourish.

How can we remain connected to the vine? I want to give you three tips. These tips are simple but difficult. It is challenging to actually apply them.

The first is prayer. If we don’t pray, we can not think we are connected to the vine. We need to pray. Prayer is being connected to the vine. Prayer is spending time with God. Prayer is opening our heart to God’s love. Prayer is like sun tanning: if we are in the sun, the light of God, we will tan, our souls will reflect the light, the love of God. Have a prayer plan. Know where you encounter God and where God encounters you and make space for those encounters. Perhaps it’s through reading Scripture, visiting Churches, spending time in adoration, being in nature, hiking mountains, praying the rosary… the list of where God can encounter you is infinite, so be aware of what particularly helps you and make time and space for that.

The second is monthly spiritual guidance. Spiritual guidance is kind of like shopping. The other day I went shopping for new shoes and all of a sudden, I started realizing everyone’s shoes. Shopping made me more conscious of the shoes around me. The same thing happens in our spiritual life. If we are regularly attending spiritual guidance, we will be more conscious and aware of our spiritual lives, of God’s work in our lives, in our souls and in the world around us.

The third is monthly confession. Monthly? I recommend it monthly. A lot happens in a month and it’s a great habit to regularly bring before Jesus the moments when we have blocked his love from entering our hearts and the world around us. He also gives us the strength through confession to love more.

Prayer, spiritual guidance and confession, are three great ways to remain united to the vine.

If you need anything, never hesitate to ask me.

God bless you and your loved ones, Fr. Kramer Cameron, LC

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