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Helping the poor


“You Did it for Me”


Our lives can get so busy that we rarely stop to reflect on those who struggle daily just to meet basic needs that we take for granted. Often the disturbing images beamed into our homes only serve to make us feel powerless to help.


But as Christians, each one of us should be asking ‘ What can I do to help?’ 


As a Christian community there is much we can do, both locally and further afield.

Our plan is to sponsor, as a Community, a different organization every month to respond to these needs. On Sundays, on each pew, you will find an envelope in which you can make a donation to one of our projects. Alternatively, any money put directly into the basket will be used for the ongoing expenses of the church. 


The destination for the donations will be announced in regular publications as you can see below. If you have any ideas of your own about worthy destinations for our donations, please contact either Fr Scott or Helen at 


Apart from money donations we also ask for your generosity in bringing items to fill our basket at the church entrance. Our ongoing collection includes personal hygiene items as well as dry and canned foods.


Please find it in your hearts to give generously.


Jesus said: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me”  (Matthew 25:40)





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