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Beyond Sunday

The thirst for more!


Are you feeling the need to learn a bit more about our faith? Do you want a space where you can ask questions and exchange ideas without judgement? Often, we may be enjoying success as professionals, we could have earned degrees and accolades, but still in our faith based learning we might be relying on what we learned as children. How do we express the fullness of our faith, as Jesus taught it, as adults? 


Join us on Thursday evenings to study the bible and/or the Gospels. For GOSPEL reflection group, or BIBLE study group contact us at  All encounters take place in the upper room at 8:00pm.


This discussion group looks to take us on the continuing journey of faith by letting us discuss the questions that come up for us through prayer or from the Catholic Church.  This growth in God begins with a growth in knowledge and taking faith beyond the first layer of Gospel lessons and teachings and moving them toward looking at the deeper meanings as a way to improve the quality of how we live and experience our faith.


The English speaking community at Santi Apostoli is taking its very first steps with this monthly discussion group where questions are brought up and there is space to speak, listen, challenge and learn. 


As Pope Francis has been a sign of communion, light and joy for people around the world and has proven to have a particularly insightful knowledge of the modern man's heart and mind, we are following his teachings as a guide. Our monthly meetings are focused on creating intelligent, peaceful, non-judgmental conversation where faith is stimulated by real dialogue.


If you want more information or a reminder of when our next monthly meeting will be please contact Matteo at

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