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Information about Catholic Marriages in Florence


Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you contact us:


                   1. Why do I want to get married in Florence?


                      2. Why do I want to get married in a Catholic church?  Why not get married in one of the many beautiful                                                        Tuscan Villas?


                     3. Do I practice the Catholic faith?  Do I want to be prepared to live my married life in the way that the Catholic Church                           teaches?


                     4. Do I have someone in Florence to help me take care of the many details that are involved in preparing a Catholic                                wedding ceremony in Italy?  Do I have a wedding planner?


                     5. Have you chosen a few specific optional dates for your wedding?


                     6. Have you spoken to your local parish about this?


Once you have clear answers to these questions and you would like to know the availability of a priest in English for your wedding ceremony and/or the availability of the Church of Santi Apostoli feel free to contact us at

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