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Information about Catholic Baptisms in Florence

"The baptismal font illuminates all of our life, guiding our steps toward the Jerusalem in Heaven" - Pope Francis 

Baptism is the first of seven Sacraments that God has given to us as visible manifestations of his work and presence in our lives. Through the saving waters of baptism, we are washed clean from the stain of original sin. The grace we receive in baptism also makes us children of God the Father, welcomes us into the Catholic Church, and pours the Holy Spirit into our hearts. 

If you would like your child to be baptized at Santi Apostoli in Florence, there are just a few things the church will need from you.

1. Permission from your parish priest to celebrate the baptism at Santi Apostoli Church. 

2. A certificate that you have done encounters of preparation for the baptism. The encounters can be done by your parish priest. 

3. Certification of confirmation of the Godparents.

4. Certification signed by the parish priest saying that the Godparents don't have any impediment to be so. 

5. The completed Baptismal Registry Information Form 

6. Please email your interest to Fr. Kramer who will get you in contact with Laura, the church secretary, in order to set up a date and time. 


7. Please email all four documents to Faith Scaramella 

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