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Upcoming Events

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Every Tuesday: UpperRoom (Mass, Adoration and Social for college students & young professionals) @ 6pm

Every Wednesday: Youth Group (ages 11-14) @ 6pm

Every Friday: Youth Group (ages 15-17) @ 7pm

Thursday, March 10: SmallGroups @8pm

Tuesday, March 15: Lenten Evening Retreat @ 5:30pm @ Santi Apostoli

Sunday, March 20: St. Joseph Pilgrimage

Tuesday, March 22: Shroud of Turin Conference with Fr. Andrew Dalton @ 8pm @ Santi Apostoli

Saturday, March 26: Day Retreat in Rignano sull'Arno from 11am-9pm (for college students & young professionals)

April 4-10, 2022: Pilgrimage to Rome (college students & young professionals)

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