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Sunday Message from Fr. Kramer - November 21, 2021

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Today we celebrate Christ the King! We are celebrating our God, who loves us so much that he laid down his life for us. This is a day to recall how great our God is that he came to be with us and healed our broken human nature. He is a King who lives to serve and love. He is a true leader, one who lays down his life for his sheep.

This week we are also celebrating American Thanksgiving! Let us take a moment in prayer this week to thank God for his blessings. Let us take a moment to thank our family for their love. Let us take a moment to thank our friends for their closeness and support! Personally, I would like to thank God for each one of you. You are a gift and bring so much joy to my life and are a reflection of God’s goodness and love as we journey into Eternity.

Have a wonderful week!

If you need anything, never hesitate to ask me.

God bless you and your loved ones, Fr. Kramer Cameron, LC

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