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Sunday Message from Fr. Kramer Cameron - April 25, 2021

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

In this Sunday’s Gospel we hear of the good shepherd who takes care of his sheep. We are all called to be good shepherds in some way. Some of us as priests, others as parents, teachers, catechists, friends, in our workplaces, sports, etc. We are called to be like Jesus who is the Good Shepherd.

We know that it is not always easy to find the balance between being close to the sheep and giving them space to explore when they run the risk of getting lost. Allowing for space and the proper distance isn’t always easy to discern. Perhaps some of you have children that have created some distance in your relationship, or your expectations of them, or your love for them. Perhaps some of your family or friends are a bit like the lost sheep. Let us turn to Jesus this week to learn from him how to be a good shepherd.

Jesus uses anything and everything to show us how much he loves us. He came up with the sacraments as a means to be close to us. The Eucharist is a perfect example of love and at the same time a great respect of our freedom. The Good Shepherd longs to be close to us and yet will never force us to open our hearts to his love. This week, let us recognize the Good Shepherd showing us his infinite love for us and perhaps we can little by little open our hearts to this infinite love and light.

If you need anything, never hesitate to ask me.

God bless you and your loved ones, Fr. Kramer Cameron, LC

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